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Soriano Nel Cimino

The Gateway between Rome and Tuscany & Umbria

Perhaps the Best Kept Secret in Italy

Discover Soriano nel Cimino!

As one travels between Rome and Florence, the landscape is peppered with beautiful little hamlets.  Some have become popular with international travelers as a guidebook wrote a feature, or it happens to be right off the expressway or rail line, but some remain largely unknown, and often these are the ones that can leave a visitor in utter awe.

Soriano is, without question, one of these.  As one approaches, it is hard not to feel as though you are about to enter the Italian Camelot, with the breathtaking castle towering over the village atop a hill, and one of the most darling piazzas one can find in Italy, still vibrant and live with the locals going about their day, without the rush of mass tourism that has aflicted many similar villages.

Immersed in History

The history of Soriano dates back to the Etruscan era, and the ruins of Etruscan settlements can be found within just a few miles of the town.  The castle, which is the focal point of the town has a long and rish history.  For a period of time in the 14th century, this was the summer residence of the Pope when the Vatican had moved to nearby Viterbo.  This is the location in which the Franciscan Order was formed by Papal Decree, it has been the home of Cardinals, counts and countesses for centuries, and has been the summer-getaway for Roman Elite for millenia.

Close to Everything (almost)

Perhaps one of the mot important reasons to have a look at Soriano, is its location.  For travelers looking to explore Central Italy (Rome, Tuscany and Umbria), Soriano is truly an ideal location. It is just 15 minutes from the Orte Train station, which is a hub that offers service to down Rome in just over a half-hour, to Florence, Bologna, and even easy connections to Naples, Milan and Venice.  If you have a rental car, Soriano is within day-trip driving distance to Assisi, Perugia, Deruta, and the Wine Regions of Val D'Orcia in Tuscany!  In fact, while most visit Florence for winery tours to this area, Soriano is actually closer and offers th ability to visit by taking the breathtaking and historic Via Fracigina road!