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DISCOVER : Soriano nel Cimino, Italy

castle3As millions of tourists make their way between Rome and Florence each year, a very select few get off of the main highways or rails to Discover the REAL ITALY.  They have in their mind a checklist of sights they must see.  Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Pisa, Venice, The Amalfi Coast, etc.  All of the places that they see in their postcards, studied about in school, saw represented in a  movie or book, etc.  And as they make their way up and down Italy, seeing what they are "supposed" to see, very few ever stop to smell the roses (or sunflowers in this case) to discover what Italy really is.  What makes it so special?  What makes people dream about it?  What have so many people dreamt of owning a villa "Under the Tuscan Sun"?   Is it the famous monuments, or s it the dream of a unique and special lifestyle that is represented by the ancient culture, the food, the sense of warmth and family, the breathtaking landscapes, etc?

If it is the monuments you are after, open a brochure and have at it, but if you are looking primarily for everything else discussed above, you simply will not find it on the tourist routes, period.  All you will find is a facsimile of it, as the tourism industry in Italy revolves mostly around mass tourism.  You may have seen that brochure that speaks of an amazing Tuscan experience in San Gimignano, or saw pictures of people pretending to hold up the leaning tower of Pisa, but the reality is that these things have nothing to do with life in Italy.  While in San Gimignano, Tuscany, you are more likely to have a waffle or hot dog than a dish of pasta ade by a little old Italian lady.  While you are looking at the tower of Pisa, you will be there with tens of thousands of other tourists, crowding while trying to get past stands with people pushing trinkets and knock off junk.  It is all a Disney-like experience, none of it real.

But then there is Soriano...

sorianoAbout half-way between Rome and Florence, there is an exit in a town called Orte.  Just 10 minutes off the main rail line and main highway, nestled in the hills of Mount Cimino, is a tiny little town of 8,000 called Soriano nel Cimino that happens to be breathtakingly beautiful with a medieval castle crowning it.  The locals here are the real deal.  They get up in the morning and have their breakfast in the local cafes.  They do their morning shopping in the local stores, they go about their daily business in this place that looks as though it came right out of a fairy tale.  It has tourism, but just enough to offer core services.  At any given time, there are fewer than 50 foreigners in the entire town, making it enough for restaurants and stores to survive and offer services visitors need, but not nearly enough to cause them to change who they are.  In other words, that butcher shop doesn't close down to make way for a souvenir shop.

A Perfect Base for Touring

map700 years ago, when the Pope chose the castle in Soriano as his summer residence, we are pretty sure he didn't choose it for its proximity to popular sightseeing destinations of the future, but he may as well have.  There couldn't be a better location.  Soriano is located in Alto Lazio, just south of borders with Tuscany and Umbria.  50 minutes drive to the south and you are in Rome.  25 minutes to the north-west, and you are in Tuscany. 15 minutes to the north-east and you are in Umbria.  In under an hour, you can be in the wineries of Montepulciano, Rome, the hills of Umbria, Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, and so much more.  In 90 minutes, you can make a day trip of Florence.  Just 15 minutes away from Soriano is the Orte train station that will get you into downtown Rome in 35 minutes, or pick up a train to every major city in Italy.

In and Around Soriano

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