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About Soriano

An Undiscovered Treasure


99% of the visitors to Italy tend to hit the "Big 5": The Rome, The Amalfi Coast, Florence (including Tuscany), Venice & Cinque Terre.  They are the most famous, best marketed, and as a consequence, they have lost much of what made people want to experience in the first place... that old-world Italian lifestyle.  They have been transformed into something more likje a theme park than what they originally were.   This is not to say one should not visit these iconic places, but to get the true sense of Italy, one must get off hte  beaten path.  Soriano give you this, while also giving you easy access to viit the "Big 5" of Italy!

An Undiscovered History

The history books attribute so many things to the closest major city, but where did major events in history actually happen? For a period of time, Soriano was the summer residence of the Pope.  The Franciscan Order was accepted here by Papal Decree, Many of the infamous Borgias called this home, and just over the hill was where the first Papal Conclave happened.  In ancient Roman times, this was at the heart of the Etruscan Civilization, and in more modern times, Soriano's surrounding areas have been used in film to depict the Tuscan countryside!


An Undiscovered Hospitality


The areas that have mass-tourism have become accustomed to seeing visitors as a "product."  Soriano is one of those places in Central Italy that still holds on to its true traditions of hospitality.  Visitors are seen as welcome guests, and the locals here are more interested in sharing their lives with you than selling you some trinkets.  It is a place where you can make friends, and experienc the genuine smiles of people that are honored that you have chosen to visit their home.

An Undiscovered Home

Once a guest has visited Soriano, it is rarely the last time.  Over and over, those that have discovered Soriano have chosen to make it their home base for future visits to Italy.  Some buy getaway homes, some rent here over and over.  It is so easy to get to from the airport, such a central location for excurions, so full of friendly people, that visitors quickly feel a deep connection and can't help but keep coming back.